With more than 30 years of experience in recording and live sound, I offer professionnal quality services at honest price. By using a mix of vintage and modern gear, I can be your ally to find or achieve your sound and deliver great quality recordings, mixing and mastering.  Pro recordings are made of a complex recipe including : Good sounding room, quality instruments, good performances, the right choice of mics and placement, the choice of preamps and quality converters. Over the years I worked hard to master all those aspects so you can concentrate on your performing your art.
I'm ready for all your projects : Bands or solo artists, CD Album, EP, singles, demo, publicity, radio, e-learning, message for phone systems, etc...

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T'es pas game
Standby blues
Standby blues
Urban Motion


The studio Marco Primeau offers recording services since year 2000. Its first goal is to offer professional quality recording at an affordable price for all your projects ; Album, demo, publicity, voice-over or E-learning.


Full HD production for videoclip, publicity, E-Learning, presentation, conferences and youtube.
High quality rendering with different light ambiance, backgrounds and green screen.


Professional quality photos are timeless. Marco offers a unique experiences in respect of your needs and privacy. Portraits, weddings, publicity, events, etc..
Equipment list :

RME Fireface 800, Focusrite Saffire 56
Mitek AD96 + 2x  UA LA610, Focusrite ISA428, 2 x Focusrite ISA Two + UA 4-710
Yamaha HS 8 studio monitors + Sub
2 ksm44, 1 ksm32, SM81, 2 Cascade Fat Head Ribbon
1 DiY T47 + 1 T12 + modded Studio Project C1
4 akg c1000s, 1 c2000b, Akg drum kit with 4 c418, D112
1 Sennheiser E602, 1 E835, 3 sm57, 1 MD421, 1 sm58, 1 Rode M1
I7 computer with 16gig of ram, Win10
2 rec.709 and Full SRGB monitors 24''

Sonar Platinum, Fabfilter plugins
Mackie Universal controler
M-Audio Projectmix(as backup)
Ayotte 6pc acoustic drum
Mapex 5 pc converted to 6pc electronic drum with Roland TD-9
Bunch of VSTi, Ozone Mastering soft,
LesPaul Custom (Epiphone with Gibson upgraded pickups)
Yamaha 5str bass, Epiphone xtreem Bass
Vox AV60, Tangerwood accoustic
Old Korg M1 as midi controler
Follow me :
The studio is based in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield but many services are available on site. Contact me for more details and take and appointment.
Email: marco@mprimeau.com
Phone: (450) 370-1343
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